Fukushima 5 Years Anniversary

Fukushima 5 Years Anniversary

Fukushima accident – 5 years already !

11 March 2016 marks the 5th anniversary of the triple catastrophe which marked the life of many residents of the Tohoku area of Eastern Japan:  a magnitude 9 earthquake off the east coast of Japan, which generated a tsunami that severely damaged areas along the coast and resulted in 15 891 deaths and 2579 missing people and the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear accident (an accident of magnitude 7 – the highsest – on the international scale of nuclear accidents).

The CREAL SHAMISEN project aims to draw the lessons from the Fukushima accident and other major nuclear accidents around the world in order to make recommendations for immediate and long-term response to radiation accidents, aiming in particular to respond to the needs of affected populations while minimising unnecessary anxiety.

More information about the accident and its consequences – and the outcome of international meetings held in Fukushima this week – can be found below :

– SHAMISEN workshop in Fukushima: 5-7 March 2016
– FMU International Symposium: Five Years Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Crisis: 8 March 2016
Follow-up of populations
– Fukushima Medical University
International Organisations
– World Health Organisation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)s: Fukushima Five Years On 
– International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Scientific publications
–  Science: The long aftermath of Fukushima
             – Slow burn
              – Trial by meltdown
              – Epidemic of fear
– Clinical Oncology special issue Fukushima 5 Years On (edited by Geraldine Thomas)

– Journal of Radiological Protection: Chernobyl and Fukushima-where are we now? Wakeford R. 2016 Mar 7;36(2):E1-E5.
Non-profit organisations
– ETHOS – non profit organisation in Fukushima
– NHK World:
Exploring Fukushima Health Effects    
– European Pressphoto Agency
– Japan Times
– Le Monde
– Libératon 
– El Pais
– La Vanguardia
– The Guardian
– The New York Times
Belarussian News
Radiation Protection Organisations

– IRSN: Fukushima Daiichi en 2016
– Stanford University News