WP5 - Coordination and Dissemination.

Lead: ISGlobal, Partners: ISS, WIV-ISP, FMU

Task 5.1 Coordination
ISGlobal has a project management and administration department that facilitates and supports the administrative and financial management of grants, projects and international collaborations. This department will provide updates on the financial status of the project, and will help the Coordinator keep track of project progress, organise the scientific meetings and help compile specific reports. A Project board will be set-up, consisting of the Project WP leaders to periodically review the progress of the project and discuss any difficulties or delays and their resolution.
Task 5.2 Dissemination
Dissemination activities will be implemented through the development of a Communication Plan for publicizing the project results among different stakeholders. The objective is to maximize the impact of the communication efforts. This plan will be set up on four basic pillars: 1) Definition of the dissemination objectives; 2) Identification of the relevant target audiences and definition of outreach activities; 3) Description of the dissemination actions to be tackled including scientific publications, conference presentations, participation in topical workshop and communication with stakeholders and the media; and 4) Identification of the specific tools and processes to be developed in order to support effective communication, including
  • the project website (Public with a private intranet for effective communication between partners and a stakeholder area for comments and suggestions on the project tools ;
  • social media including Facebook and Twitter (either the institutional accounts or specific accounts dedicated to the project) to disseminate project news and results.
These activities will contribute to make available to the target audiences information on, and arising from, the Project.