Stakeholder: Survey/s & Feedback

UPDATED ON 05/10/2018: Summary of the CONCERT stakeholders feedback on the SHAMISEN SINGS project that took place in the 5th of October 2018 in Rovinj, Croatia.

This survey is part of the SHAMISEN SINGS project WP1 – Stakeholders Needs on Apps/tools use for dose measurements & health/well-being related to radiation exposure (living around Nuclear Power Plants or in emergency/recovery phases after the nuclear accident)

The aim of SHAMISEN SINGS – “Nuclear Emergency Situations - Improvement of dosimetric, Medical And Health Surveillance - Stakeholder INvolvement in Generating Science (SINGS)” - is to elaborate guidelines for optimal Apps/tools/devices to enable the general public to use them to perform, if they wish, their own radiation dose measurements and log them and/or to obtain information related to concerns they may have in the case of a radiation accident or to use as a surveillance mechanism related to their state of health/well -being.
To achieve this satisfactorily, it is imperative that these Apps/tools/devices we developed in collaboration with all appropriate stakeholders (in particular the general public) in order to ensure their needs are met. In a first phase, therefore, we have elaborated questionnaires to assess the needs and opinions of stakeholders. In a second phase, the information collected will be used to develop a plan/prototype for possible Apps or devices and this will, again, be discussed with appropriate stakeholders to ensure the needs are met.

Purpose: The current survey aims to assessing Stakeholders needs for information and for tools to measure radiation, obtain answers to their concerns and participate, if they wish, in health and well-being surveillance in the case of a possible radiation accident.

English version

Exploring People Needs on Apps (mobile applications) use for dose measurements, information & health/well-being monitoring related to radiation exposure

How to measure radiation with your mobile phone

Ukranian version
Вивчення потреб людей у мобільних додатках (програмах) для дозиметричних вимірювань та збору інформації про стан здоров'я та якості життя у ситуаціях радіаційного опромінення

Russian / Русский
Изучение потребностей людей в Apps (мобильных приложениях) для измерения дозы и здоровья / благосостояния, связанных с радиационным воздействием


Spanish version
Evaluar las necesidades de aplicaciones móviles para medir dosis de radiación y seguir el estado de salud/bienestar en contexto de una exposición a la radiación

Cómo medir la radiación con tu teléfono móvil

Italian version
Indagine sulle richieste della popolazione sulle App (applicazioni mobili) per la misura di dose e sulla salute e benessere legati all'esposizione radiazioni ionizzanti

Japanese version


French version
Identification des besoins de la population en termes d’applications pour les technologies mobiles (apps) en termes de mesure de la dose de rayonnement et définition d'indicateurs de (dégradation de la) santé et du bien-être, en cas d'exposition à la radioactivité

Comment mesurer la radiation avec un téléphone portable

UPDATED ON 05/10/2018: Stakeholder Participation