Exposure to Medical Radiation during Fetal Life, Childhood and Adolescence and Risk of Brain Tumor in Young Age: Results from The MOBI-Kids Case-Control Study

Author/s: Pasqual E.a,b,c · Castaño-Vinyals G.a,b,c,d · Thierry-Chef I.a,b,c · Kojimahara N.e · Sim M.R.f · Kundi M.g · Krewski D.h,i · Momoli F.j · Lacour B.k,l,m · Remen T.k,l,m · Radon K.n · Weinmann T.n · Petridou E.o,p · Moschovi M.q · Dikshit R.r · Sadetski S.s · Maule M.t · Farinotti M.u · Ha M.v · ’t Mannetje A.w · Alguacil J.c,x · Aragonés N.c,y · Vermeulen R.z · Kromhout H.z · Cardis E.a,b,c Journal: Neuroepidemiology Publisher: Publisher Location: ISSN: 0251-5350 eISSN: 1423-0208 Volume/Issue: Click here to read the journal article abstract.

Specific Absorption Rate Transfer Algorithms for Integrative Radio-Frequency Exposure Assessment in Epidemiological Studies

Author/s: Liorni I, Thielens A, Aerts S, …., Wiart J, Joseph W and Capstick M Journal: Publisher: Publisher Location: ISSN: eISSN: Volume/Issue: Click here to read the journal article abstract.