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  • Would You Like to Help Us Understand How We Use Mobile Phones?

    Post by Patricia de Llobet for Health Is Global blogsite There are nearly as many mobile phone connections in the world as there are people (between 7.3 and 7.6 billion). It is estimated that 63% of the population already use a mobile phone, and this number is growing year on year as we see an […]

  • As yet no proof that Wi-Fi is bad for health.

    Prof. Elisabeth Cardis and Dr. James Grellier were interviewed last month for an article published in the national newspaper, LaVanguardia. They spoke about the current state of evidence regarding potential health effects related to non-ionisnig radiation, and discussed the new GERoNiMO project (Generalised EMF Research Using Novel Methods), which is being coordinated at CREAL by […]

  • Researchers aim to clarify health effects of electromagnetic fields

    At present, there is lack of consensus among scientists concerning health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF). Though wireless devices and technologies make our lives increasingly easier, results of studies to date are inconsistent and no sound conclusion can be drawn about whether EMF emitted by new technologies and devices may impact our health. Because of this, GERoNiMO, an ambitious […]

  • European project studies health effects of living in a “smart world”

    The Radiation Programme at the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL), Barcelona (Spain) is coordinating a new project on health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF), the most ambitious to date in Europe. Life would be very different without new technologies and devices – including mobile phones, tablets, wifi – that make our […]

  • GERoNiMO – Press Release – A new European project on health effects of electromagnetic fields

    The European population is increasingly exposed to new physical and chemical agents in the environment, some of which may be damaging to health. Among these, electromagnetic fields (EMF) are one of the most widespread, and their application in new technologies continues to grow, with novel uses being actively developed and commercialised. Although there is some […]