OPERRA kick-off meeting

On the 18th June 2013, three CREAL Radiation Programme researchers attended the OPERRA project (Open Project for the European Radiation Research Area) kick-off meeting in Paris. The OPERRA project, funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme - Euratom, aims to support the MELODI Association (Multidisciplinary European Low Dose Initiative) to build an umbrella structure for the integration of radiation protection research in EUROPE and to create the necessary architecture for the facilitation of long-term European research programmes in radiation protection, also taking advantage of the valuable experience gathered through the DoReMi European Network of Excellence (Low Dose Research towards Multidisciplinary Integration).
OPERRA will exploit the synergies of Euratom and other EC programmes considering the most relevant joint program areas and mechanisms for funding joint activities. The project will strengthen links with national funding programs as well as with European education and training structures. New European Member States that would benefit from increased participation in radiation research programmes will be incorporated into these activities. Finally, OPERRA will take steps to further integrate the joint use of infrastructures in European countries, and to develop and facilitate an easier access to research infrastructures. Ultimately, the umbrella of OPERRA will have the capacity—both in a legal and logistical sense—to administer future calls for radiation protection research (including low-dose risk, radioecology, nuclearemergency management, and also research activities related to the medical uses of ionizing radiation) on behalf of the European Commission.
CREAL will participate in identifying experiences and lessons learned from existing exposure situations for improving preparedness for future accidents and optimising radiation protection measures for exposure remediation and will lead a task and several subtasks on integration of knowledge from non-radiation research into radiation research.
A detailed presentation of the OPERRA project is available for download (pdf).

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