Key MOBI-Kids investigators receive recognition from NIOSH

Two articles co-written by several key MOBI-Kids investigators from the INTERPHONE study have been awarded an Honorable Mention in the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s (NIOSH) 2012 Alice Hamilton Awards for Excellence in Occupational Safety and Health under Exposure and Risk Assessment Category.

The Alice Hamilton Awards for Occupational Safety and Health recognize the scientific excellence of technical and instructional materials including NIOSH scientists and engineers in the areas of biological science, engineering and physical science, human studies, and educational materials.

The papers awarded were the results of long-term multinational and multidisciplinary collaborations in the field of brain tumour risks and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from mobile telephones.

Co-authors of these papers include several key researchers who are participating in MOBI-KIDS, specifically:

Australia: Bruce Armstrong (investigator)
Canada: Daniel Krewski (principal investigator)
France: Joe Wiart (principal investigator), Martine Hours (investigator), Nadège Varsier (scientist)
Israel: Siegal Sadetzki (principal investigator), Angela Chetrit (scientist)
Japan: Masao Taki (exposure assessment scientist)
New Zealand: Alistair Woodward (principal investigator)
Spain: Elisabeth Cardis (principal investigator), Martine Vrijheid (investigator)
UK: Simon Mann (investigator)

The two mentioned papers, published in September 2011 in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, are cited below:

Cardis E, Varsier N, Bowman JD, Deltour I, Figuerola J, Mann S, Moissonnier M, Taki M, Vecchia P, Villegas R, Vrijheid M, Wake K, Wiart J. Estimation of RF energy absorbed in the brain from mobile phones in the Interphone study. Occup Environ Med. 2011 Sep;68(9):686-93.

Cardis E, Armstrong BK, Bowman JD, Giles GG, Hours M, Krewski D, McBride M, Parent ME, Sadetzki S, Woodward A, Brown J, Chetrit A, Figuerola J, Hoffmann C, Jarus-Hakak A, Montestrucq L, Nadon L, Richardson L, Villegas R, Vrijheid M. Risk of brain tumours in relation to estimated RF dose from mobile phones – results from five Interphone countries. Occup Environ Med. 2011 Sep;68(9):631-40.

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