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WP5: Data analysis and management

WP leader: Elisabeth Cardis, ISGlobal (former CREAL)

The main objective of WP5 is to analyse the relationship between the risk of brain tumours and exposures to RF and ELF from mobile phones as well as other relevant and important sources of exposure in the general environment of young people.

Tasks in this WP include: setting up and optimising the common databases for data collection (see figure below); programming validation tools in collaboration with WP2 and 3; developing and applying programmes to estimate exposures and related uncertainties, based on the exposure gradients provided by WP4; analysing the non-response questionnaire data; analysing the risk of brain tumours in relation to exposure to RF and ELF; and analysing the risk of brain tumours in relation to exposure to other potential risk factors.

Figure 1: MOBI-Kids electronic database and follow-up registries

Approximately 950 brain tumour cases are expected to be recruited in the total study. Given the preliminary estimates indicating that approximately 15% of all study subjects have used a mobile phone for ten years or more, the study will have sufficient power to detect increased risks of around 40%.

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