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WP 1: Characterization and evaluation of uses in the general population

To characterize and evaluate the use of communication devices in the general population.

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WP 2: Identification and characterisation of existing and future networks and systems that can be used for the uses identified in WP1

Current communicating systems use telecommunication networks in ways that are transparent to the user.

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WP 3: Evaluation of emitted power from sources identified in WP2

Knowledge of the power emitted by uplink (phone, tablet, PC) and downlink (base stations, Smallcell, Wifi access point, Femto) channels supporting the uses and networks identified in WP1 and WP2 is important for the evaluation of exposure associated with these uses.

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WP 4: Evaluation of exposure linked to different uses and functions

The exposure induced by wireless communication systems depends on the power emitted by the systems, the communication protocols and the frequency bands used.

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WP 5: Development of relevant indicators to quantify exposure to RF. New devices, uses and technologies

By combining general population surveys (WP1), information on the transmitted powers (WP3), exposure levels related to different uses, technologies and devices (WP4) this WP will define relevant indicators for the quantification of exposure to RF related to new uses, devices and communication technologies.

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