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WP 2: Identification and characterisation of existing and future networks and systems that can be used for the uses identified in WP1

Coordinator: IMEC

Collaborators: Orange; ISGLOBAL 

Current communicating systems use telecommunication networks in ways that are transparent to the user.

In the 1990s mobile phones were generally linked to a single technology (e.g. GSM 900). Today most Smartphones and other communicating devices are able to use many different networks including GSM, EDGE, UMTS, LTE, WIFI. The types of use of Smartphones and other communicating devices are very dependent on the capacity of the networks. For example, though EDGE allows connecting to the internet, this technology does not provide rapid and fluid use to, for example, stream videos and movies.


WP2 will identify and characterize (typical emitted power, speed, etc.) the networks capable of supporting the main different devices and uses identified in WP1.

To achieve this objective, WP2 will

  • Analyze, through a bibliographic study, the characteristics of existing networks and future.
  • Estimate temporal variation of emitted power, average / peak ratio, packet length;
  • Characterize the networks in terms of required data throughput;
  • Evaluate networks and systems capable of supporting the uses identified in WP1;
  • Evaluate output power from mobile / tablet / PC, access points and more largely the equipment supporting the network and services for the different types of use identified in WP1.

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