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Turner MC, Krewski D, Chen Y, Pope CA III, Gapstur SM, Thun MJ. 2012. Radon and COPD mortality in the American Cancer Society cohort. European Respiratory Journal, 39:1113-1119. Link to article >


Pijpe A, Andrieu N, Easton DF, Kesminiene A, Cardis E, GENEPSO, Noguès C, Gauthier-Villars M, Lasset C, Fricker JP, EMBRACE, Peock S, Frost D, Evans DG, Eeles RA, Paterson J, HEBON, Manders P, van Asperen CJ, Ausems M.G.E.M, Meijers-Heijboer H, Thierry-Chef I, Hauptmann M, Goldgar D, Rookus MA, van Leeuwen F. Exposure to diagnostic radiation and risk of breast cancer among carriers of BRCA1/2 mutations: retrospective cohort study (GENE-RAD-RISK). BMJ. 2012 Sep 6;345:e5660. Link to article >


Pernot E, Hall J, Baatout S, Benotmane R, Blanchardon E, Bouffler S, El-Saghire H, Gomolka M, Guertler A, Harms-Ringdahl M, Jeggo P A, Kreuzer M, Laurier D, Lindholm C, M'kacher R, Quintens R, Rothkamm K, Sabatier L, Tapio S, De Vathaire F, Cardis E, Ionising radiation biomarkers for potential use in epidemiological studies. Mutat Res. 2012 Oct-Dec;751(2):258-86. DoReMi Link to article >

Laurier D, Guseva Canu I, Baatout S, Bertho JM, Blanchardon E, Bouffler S, Cardis E, Gomolka M, Hall J, Kesminiene A, Kreuzer M, Rage E. DoReMi workshop on multidisciplinary approaches to evaluate cancer risks associated to low dose internal contamination. Radioprotection 2012; 47(1): 119-148 DoReMiLink to article >

Kesminiene A, Evrard A.S., Ivanov V, Malakhova I, Kurtinaitis J, Stengrevics A, Tekkel M, Bouville A, Chekin S, Drozdovitch V, Gavrilin Y, Golovanov I, Krjuchkov V, Maceika E, Mirkhaidarov A, Polyakov S, Tenet V, Tukov A, Cardis E. Risk of thyroid cancer among Chernobyl liquidators. Radiat Res. 2012 Nov;178(5):425-36. Epub 2012 Sep 21 Link to article >

Cardis E, Eastman C. Objetivos y estado actual del estudio Mobi-Kids. Radioprotección 2012; 71 (Vol XIX): 22-27 MOBI-Kids

Cardis E, Armstrong BK, Bowman JD, Giles GG, Hours M, Krewski D, McBride M, Parent ME, Sadetzki S, Woodward A, Brown J, Chetrit A, Figuerola J, Hoffmann C, Jarus-Hakak A, Montestrucq L, Nadon L, Richardson L, Villegas R, Vrijheid M. Risk of brain tumours in relation to estimated RF dose from mobile phones – results from five Interphone countries. Occup Environ Med. 2011 Sep;68(9):631-40. ("Honorable Mention - 2012 NIOSH's annual Alice Hamilton Awards for Excellence in occupational Safety and Health") INTERPHONE
Link to article >

van Tongeren M, Kincl L, Richardson L, Benke G, Figuerola J, Kauppinen T, Lakhani R, Lavoué J, McLean D, Plato N, Cardis E; INTEROCC STUDY GROUP. Assessing occupational exposure to chemicals in an international epidemiological study of brain tumours. Ann Occup Hyg. 2013 June in press INTERROC Link to article >

Turner MC, Krewski D, Armstrong B, Chetrit A, Hours M, McBride M, Sadetzki S, Siemiatycki J, Woodward A, Cardis E. 2013. Allergy and brain tumors in the INTERPHONE study: Australia, Canada, France, Israel, and New Zealand. Cancer Causes & Control, 24:949-960. INTERPHONE Link to article >


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