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WP 3: Evaluation of emitted power from sources identified in WP2

Coordinator: Orange

Collaborators: IMEC; IT’IS


Knowledge of the power emitted by uplink (phone, tablet, PC) and downlink (base stations, Smallcell, Wifi access point, Femto) channels supporting the uses and networks identified in WP1 and WP2 is important for the evaluation of exposure associated with these uses.

In recent years, major efforts have gone into assessing downlink exposure, including through the use of individual RF dosimeters. Exposure from base stations today is low compared to mobile-induced uplink exposure.

The development of low power femtocell and smallcell base stations reduces distance between mobile and access point. This allows, even if the distance is not the only one parameter, a reduction in the power emitted by communication devices. However, the impact of the presence of a femtocell or Smallcell on exposure depends on many parameters and remains poorly characterized. The increasing use of these technologies therefore requires an analysis of the exposure from these sources as well as from the communication devices connected to these types of access point.

To achieve this objective WP3 will

  • Conduct a bibliographic analysis and compile information on the topic from the CREST partners;
  • Analyze existing tools capable of recording output power from specific phones and define a "protocol" to evaluate Uplink emitted power;
  • Develop, enhance and evaluate Android Smartphone/tablet applications that can compile information on use, position and network technology;
  • Conduct laboratory studies in France, Belgium and Switzerland to evaluate emission rate as a function of data sent and received and communication protocol, for example using signal generators and decoders and SAR measurement systems.
  • Study the impact of new network architectures (Smallcell, femto, offloading) on ​​the power emitted by a mobile / tablet / PC connected to this type of network.

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