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XMobi - Survey: Survey on use of mobile communication devices in Europe

Dimecres, 17 Juny 2015 15:15

“How do you use your mobile phone and tablet?”. This is one of the questions which CREAL, a research centre allied to ISGlobal, is attempting to answer in collaboration with several other European research centers. The XMobi-Survey is being implemented within the framework of GERoNiMO,  an ambitious European project led by CREAL, which aims is to improve knowledge about potential health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF).

For the purposes of this survey, CREAL is using XMobiSense, an Android application which collects data on the use of the device on which it is installed to obtain a better understanding of the use of mobile communication devices in the general population of the European Union.

"If you have an Android phone or tablet (3 or 4G enabled) you can participate in the study as a volunteer. Just download XMobiSense on your Smartphone. We need volunteers to keep the application installed for a minimum of four weeks in order to obtain representative data on their use of mobile devices", explains Professor Elisabeth Cardis, leader of the study and head of the CREAL Radiation Programme.

Data logging

The application does not record any personal data (name, email address, mobile phone number or other identifiable information) neither does it record the content of messages or phone calls. XMobiSense only collects general information about the characteristics of the call (date, time and duration of voice calls), laterality of device use (right, left, hands-free kit, speakerphone, VoIP calls), the power the device receives from mobile networks and Wi-Fi, date and time of sending and receiving SMS, amount and timing of transmission and reception of data through Wi-Fi and through mobile networks, the device type and the Android version used.

How will the data be used?

"Once the device has recorded 500 kB of data, it will automatically transmit it via Wi-Fi to our FTP servers. “Our goal is to use the data to obtain a better understanding of the patterns and levels of use of mobile devices in the European Union. This will assist us in better estimating levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields from mobile communication devices in the general population“, says Cardis.

You can participate by downloading the XMobiSense application from the GERoNiMO website where you will find information about the survey, a section on frequently asked questions and answers as well as a video illustrating how to install the application.

More information:

Twitter: @GERoNiMO_creal // @CREAL_Radiation